tango course 'FUNDAMENTALS' - level 1

This course does not require any previous dance experience.

By the end of this course you will have learned the most important steps and you will use the basic principles to start improvising.


In the classes we will cover the following topics:

  • The Art of Connection
  • Lead en Follow
  • Caminada – Tango walking technique
  • The embrace
  • Basic tango steps
  • Fun partner exercises
  • Improvisation
  • Musicality
  • The tango codigos (codes) and habits at a tangosalon


The beginners course consists of 12 lessons of 1,5 hours.



Time: 18:30-20:00


Location: Danszaal SWDA (Doveninstituut), Stadhouderskade 89, 1017 ZG Amsterdam

Costs: €180,- Students 20% reduction

Teacher: Danielle Riegel. 


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12 Thursday evenings
Time: 18:30-20:00
Location: SWDA, Stadhouderskade 89

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NB not taking place from january till may 2019 due to the Vals & Milonga Seminar for intermediate/advanced dancers (scroll down)


This 12-weeks course is for people that have participated in the Tango Basics Course - level 1, or a previous Tango Bootcamp Day, as well as for tango dancers that would like to work on and deepen out the basic elements & principles of tango.
The goal is to prepare you to start going to Tangosalons and enjoy that "tangobliss" in one of the many Tangosalons in Amsterdam or in other cities in the Netherlands or around the world:)


In this course we will work on developing your repertoire of steps and figures, your creativity in improvisation, expanding your technique, a nice embrace, and navigation on the dance floor so that you can dance with more confidence and start going to tango salons. We put a lot of emphasis on posture, body awareness, creativity and improvisation, as well as connection and musicality.

We will motivate you to go to Tango práctica's and we offer you practise opportunities where we accompany and guide you weekly!


In the Tango Course Going Strong - level 2 we will cover ao. the following topics:

  • Body awareness and tango posture
  • Connection & the embrace
  • The art of lead & follow
  • Increase your repertoire of steps & figures
    (for example: ocho cortado, parada, sandwich, media luna, giro)
  • Musicality and expression
  • Understanding of the structure of tango music and an introduction to (recognize) the most important tango orchestra's
  • Floorcraft and tango codigos at the salon



Time: 20:00-21:30


Location: Danszaal SWDA (Doveninstituut), Stadhouderskade 89, 1017 ZG Amsterdam

Costs: €180,-

Teachers: Danielle Riegel 


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12 Thursday evenings
Time: 20:00-21:30
Location: SWDA, Stadhouderskade 89

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Vals & Milonga Seminar for intermediate & advanced dancers 


Tango has many faces. Of course, the traditional elegant, sensual, passionate and sometimes dramatic Tango we all know and love.
The Vals is known for its endless turns, circling and flowing.
Milonga is Tango's happy, playful face, quicker and more rhythmic, also called ‘the joyful one’.

In this Seminar of 8 weeks, we are going to dive 4 weeks into the world of the Argentine Vals and 4 weeks into the world of the Milonga.

Class 1: Why do it in four if you can do it in three?
We're going to search for the difference between the normal tango rhythm and the rhythm and flow of the Vals. How does it change our dancing and how do we use what we already know?

Class 2: Finding a more specific Vals flow
We're going to work on a flow of movements which work especially for the Vals. This will help you to understand the music better and to make a bigger difference between dancing normal tango and tango-vals.

Class 3: Turning & whirling
The Vals is known for its endless turns, rhythms and flow. How can you dance this without going crazy or have space shortage in the salon? How can you stay relaxed together and get 'in' and ‘out’ the turns precisely timed and in a controlled way? Tips and tricks to creatively deal with rhythms, pauses and techniques in a simple and effective way, so you can dance relaxed a musical and fantastic Vals together.

Class 4: reel & revel
Often when we speed up we loose control. How can we apply the music, dynamics, speed, centrifugal energy and the different Vals rhythms in a controlled way and with a relaxed embrace.
Finally, speed in different typical and useful figures for the Vals.


Class 1: “Finding the rhythm” We’re going to dance the exciting Milonga! Feel the rhythm and the joy within this dance.

Class 2: What kind of steps and figures to use. You'll learn some basic movements that fit with this new rhythm, but we'll also challenge you with new combinations and elements.

Class 3: Milonga Lisa and Traspié. How to dance on a single and double time.

Class 4: We will learn you ways to make your Milonga dancing more circulair, dynamic, fluid en relaxt

Furthermore we'll pay attention to musicality, technique, connection with your partner and how you can dance together relaxt and with fun a Vals or Milonga in the tangosalons.



Time: 20:00-22:00

Location: Danszaal SWDA (Doveninstituut), Stadhouderskade 89, 1017 ZG Amsterdam

Costs: €160

Registration: https://tangostudiolessen.wetickets.shop

Teachers: Danielle Riegel & Thomas van der Ploeg 


NB the first class on 17/1 can be participated and paid as a separateter s class y can decide if you would like to join the whole seminar

Please mail to: info@tangostudio.nl if you have any questions! conditions

Prices & conditio

8 Thursday evenings Time: 20:00-22:00

SWDA. Stadhouderskade 89

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Tangostudio Amsterdam has developed a special method that deals with the entire Basic course during one day.


Tango bootcamps are designed for dancers who:

• are ambitious to learn or improve their tango dancing in a short time

• cannot fit weekly classes in their schedule

• want to practice the contents of a previous course/theme/technique

• want to get familiar with the contents of a new course/theme/technique

• want to focus on a particular theme to deepen their knowledge and expertise of it.


There are Tango bootcamps for different levels and themes:

* Tango Bootcamp level 1 & 2 - covers all the basic elements of Argentine tango and gives you a strong foundation for your tango dancing. 

* Tango Bootcamp technique -to increase your body awareness and improve specific tango techniques such as rotation, pivots, a stable axis, the free leg, ornaments etc.

* Tango Bootcamp musicality & expression - focusses on the interpretation of Argentine tango music and how we can express it with our dance and movements.

* Tango Bootcamp waltz & milonga - the 'brother' and 'sister' of the classic tango. Both for dancers without waltz or milonga experience as for dancers who would like to increase their skills and dance pleasure with waltz and milonga


TANGO BOOTCAMP DAY "The Basics":  January 27 2018

Time: 11:00-18:00

Location: Danszaal SWDA (Doveninstituut), Stadhouderskade 89, 1017 ZG Amsterdam

Costs:  €95 p/p or €175 per couple (6 hrs class, lunch, coffee/tea, snacks, prosecco)

Teachers: Danielle Riegel 


Check ‘’updates’’ for current dates and times!

For questions mail to: info@tangostudio.nl

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Time: 11:00-18:00

Location: SWDA, Stadhouderskade 89 

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Private lessons


If you would like to put more of your personality into your dance or work on a specific aspect, you can take a private lesson, on your own or with a partner. You can do that with one of the teachers, or with both.


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