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  • Perhaps you aren’t able to attend our group classes, or you prefer a different pace of learning?
  • Would you like to work on something specific or achieve results faster than during the group classes?
  • Or maybe you just prefer personal tuition?



We offer private classes for beginners as well as for experienced dancers.

You can book a class during the day, early in the evening or in the weekend.

They can be arranged as single lessons or as an ongoing series of classes.


We speak fluently English, German and French!


In private classes we focus on everything that matters to develop your unique tango self and become great to dance with and to watch. We’ll work together on a program that matches your objectives. Topics typically include strengthening your technique, developing your style and creativity, or exploring musicality and connection.


If you are a beginner, you might find that private classes are ideal to get to grips with the fundamentals of tango and help taking good habit from day one.

However experienced dancer or beginner the main benefit of private tuition is that you get your full attention, hence achieving a very high personalization level.


Sent us an email via the contact form or email to: info@tangostudio.nl if you’d like to book a private lesson or if you have any questions.


More information on prizes, 10-class cards and locations can be found here.

Tangostudio also has specially designed gift cards. To give someone a original present mail to: info@tangostudio.nl info@tangostudio.nl

Performances and workshops

We also offer specialized introduction classes for couples or groups


90 min tango package for 2 people - an introduction to Argentine tango. We shall welcome you with a glass of prosecco and give you an introduction to tango and its history. Then you will experience over an hour of intensive tango lesson.


Tango with friends

2 lessons of 90 minutes. We offer you a fun and educational afternoon in our tango studio, where you learn the basic techniques and improvisation of Argentine tango. In between there is a short break with tea, coffee and refreshments, and we end the afternoon with a glass of prosecco.


And we can help you with a wedding dance, more information can be found on the page Performances and workshops.formances and workshopshere.herehereerere


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